Meet your Trainer

Heather is a Force-free Positive Reinforcement Pro Dog Trainer with a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Honours). Heather brings a unique set of skills to training with you and your dog with her knowledge of both human and canine psychology and behaviour modification. She is a Dog Training Professional Member and Committee Member with the Pet Professional Guild Australia and a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers Australia.

Have you welcomed a new puppy into your home?

Puppies are extraordinary. They are adorable. They are entertaining. They are also somehow manage to lovingly turn your world upside down. Little Angels Dog Training is offering a Puppy Academy course that will arm you with everything you and your pup need to know to survive and thrive through puppyhood. 

Maybe your pup is chewing on everything including you! Or your puppy may be having a hard time with toilet training? Perhaps you’re concerned about socialising your pup?

It’s completely understandable and normal to feel frustration, disappointment, and even doubt that you’ve done the right thing by adopting a puppy. You’ve literally brought a new baby home - you’re sleep deprived, excited and in love with your new Furchild. A bundle of conflicting emotions. 
At Little Angels Dog Training we’re here to support you and let you know that you are the best Furparent for your puppy. We can provide you with solutions for common puppy problems and help you build a wonderful relationship with your pup.

Classes are run at Family Pets Western Sydney on Sundays. Puppies can join 7 days after their 1st vaccination.

Deaf, blind, and differently abled pups and humans are most welcome.

To register for Puppy Academy click on the link below to fill in the form. We’ll send you an email with some more information, and your class dates and time.


Phone: 0492 967 094
ABN 71 220 950 798